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Gauge 0 Guild Gazette
Wemyss Woods - May 1999
Introduces his operational diorama



Wemyss Woods May 1999 Gauge 0 Guild Gazette
Wemyss Woods Diorama

Wemyss Woods May 1999 Gauge 0 Guild Gazette

Wemyss Woods Diorama

Wemyss Woods by Lynden Butcher
Over the years I have built a number of small layouts/dioramas including a MPD and a Colliery. My latest creation Wemyss Woods has been built to display and to provide a back drop for photography of my rolling stock and also give some operational movements.

The area of Wemyss itself is in the Kingdom of Fife, situated to the East of Kirkcaldy and well known as the place where the Wemyss Private Railway operated up the 1970’s transporting coal from a number of collieries to Methil Docks for export around the world. Much of the single line track ran through agricultural and woodland and I have chosen this as a theme for the section modelled.

My main interest at the moment is the industrial railways of Fife and I am collecting locomotives which operated on the NCB and WPR as well as wagons from the local collieries.

I get up at 4.30am 12 days a fortnight working in a currently very depressing agricultural industry. I find model railways a great escape from reality and am very lucky to know one of two of the finest scratch builders in Scotland. In my opinion Pete Westwater is one of the finest professional model makers in the country and he has given me much encouragement and advise whilst I try to improve my own skills and continue to up-grade the standard of my model railway collection.

Magazine article published in the Gauge 0 Guild Gazette. I am not sure if copies are available or not.

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