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the Wemyss Layout - the idea/background


The Wemyss Private Railway was ever present, on a daily basis, when I was a youngster in Buckhaven, Fife.

Like most people, I accepted the steam engines and coal wagon movements each day. At times this meant being held up at Starkeys Wood Level Crossing or seeing the many train movements at Wellesley Pit or Methil Docks. These were all part of every day life. Something that I thought and I am sure others thought would be with us forever.

As with most things, its only in later life, that I found an interest in the Wemyss Private Railway (WPR) and wanted to know more about its history.

I searched on Google and found articles and images. I also discovered the book
'The Wemyss Private Railway' by A. W. Brotchie, printed by Oakwood Press. The Wemyss Private Railway by AW Brotchie

I bought my copy and read it with interest. It has now become a kind of bible of all that is WPR. (a must buy for anyone researching the WPR).

I should say that I am not a railway modeller. I have never modelled anything to do with model railway and up to this time had only played with trains.

A further search on Google brought more images and articles. As I read the articles I felt that I had missed something special in my younger years. I took for granted what was around me, without really appreciating it. Slowly the idea dawned that since the WPR was well and gone, with very little remaining that maybe, just maybe I could build a small model rail layout based on the Wemyss Private Railway.

I bought a few engines and wagons and at first was very pleased. But on comparing these with images from that time, something was not quite right. They were the wrong colour and also the detailing was wrong. I found a model rail group and joined so I could get support and information. I have asked 101 questions and will probably ask another 101...

Wemyss Private Railway Andrew Barclay at Cupar Model Railway ExhibitionMy inspiration really took off when I attended the Cupar Model Rail Exhibition, in Fife, and saw a layout with   wemyss wagons and an Andrew Barclay Wemyss Engine (WPR). This was an '0' gauge layout and I decided for what I was planning that '0' gauge was to large and very expensive, 'N' gauge was far to small for my eyes and stubby fingers. The only option was to choose '00' gauge for modelling, a perfect size to work with and all at an affordable price.

Inspired, off I went again searching through the web. To my surprise I     WPR No 15 at the East Lancs Railway
discovered that Austerity WPR No. 15  had survived. It had lain in T Muirs Scrap Yard, Kirkcaldy, for a number of years and had been bought by Andrew Goodman and restored. It took a little time to track No. 15 down but eventually discovered that she was on loan to the East Lancashire Railway. So off I rushed with video camera in hand.

My collection of books, magazines, dvd's and pre-build wagons and engines had grown considerably.
These I have set aside till I am ready to start modelling. More research and building up my skills first.

This brings me to this point in time. Ready to start work on engines, wagons, brake vans, base boards, track plan, wiring, buildings, scenics and more.

This web site will show the research, design and modelling for this layout.

The news area will cover all developments to both layout and website. There will be photo's showing the development and transformations and video will play a part as well.

Wemyss Private Railway News ButtonThe news area can be found by choosing the ‘news’ button on any webpage. I have used a Facebook Page to display all news items. This will be updated regularly. You do not have to be registered with facebook to read the news items. However please ‘like’ us if you are registered.

There are, I am sure others like myself, of any age, with an interest in model railway. Therefore I decided that it would be a good idea to document my journey for others to follow. I hope people will follow my ramblings and maybe, just maybe be inspired. No matter what age, to start to be creative in their railway modelling and take their modelling to a whole new level.

Jim Hamilton


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A Model Railway Layout in 00 Gauge
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