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Wemyss Private Railway Totem Straw Colour Writing

the Wemyss Private Railway - the Design


From the very first sight of Wemyss Castle Station, I decided to include this building in my design for the layout.

Plan for Wemyss Castle Station building is published in the book 
The Wemyss Private Railway ’ written by A.W. Broachie.

the Wemyss Private Railway Wemyss Castle Station Floor Plan

Layout name:
A temporary name was ‘Wemyss Castle Station’. I decided that as the layout was based on the Wemyss Private Railway that the name ‘Wemyss Private Railway’ was the most accurate to use.

the Wemyss Private Railway Logo

2015 Logo / Totem Update
Thought it would be appropriate to have the lettering a straw colour rather than while.
Therefore created this new logo / totem for use on the website and facebook page.

Wemyss Private Railway Totem Straw Colour Writing

What to include:
At first, I could find little information about what buildings and track there was around the Wemyss Castle Station and the Wemyss Private Railway.

As there was nothing (meant in the kindest of Modelling terms) to the right of the station, meant that I was going to have to look to the left of the station for inspiration.

the Wemyss Private Railway Layout Map of Railway
It has taken over three years to find a map from the 60’s which shows clearly the Wemyss Private Railway buildings and trackwork to the left of the station buildings.

To my surprise I discovered the Engine shed, Wagon Works and beyond that, Exchange sidings.

The Buildings:
The buildings for the layout will be:

Wemyss Castle Station Masters House, Wemyss Castle Station, Wemyss Castle Signal Box, Wemyss Castle Goods Shed, the Engine Shed and Wagon Works, Signal Box, Water Tower and sundry small sheds and buildings. Most of the buildings will need to be scratch built as there are no plans available.

With the limited information that I had,
I decided to look at 3 boards with 1 fiddle yard. This estimate was way off once I discovered a OS map of the area from the 60’s. It became obvious that I would have to re-think the number of boards. This meant that the layout would now be 5 boards with an additional fiddle yard at either end.

the Wemyss Private Railway Layout Base Boards

Update 2013:
As track plans were made, I discovered that 5 boards would still not cover what had to be included. The layout is looking more like 8 boards, making it 32 feet in length.

The plan was to have the following boards:
Station, Bridge, Engine Shed and Wagon Works, Exchange Sidings (2 boards), 2 fiddle yards.

Baseboards - Sizes:
All boards would be 4’ x 2’ 6”.
Height of 3’ 6”

Update 2013:
It once again became obvious that the layout boards, as planned were not going to be wide enough to build the required track work. It was decided that an additional 1 foot section would be added to the full length of the layout.

This would now make all boards 4’ x 3’ 6”. Eight boards x 4’ = 32’ in length.

the Wemyss Private Railway Test Layout of Track

Baseboards - List of items:
Made up from 9 mm Smooth Plywood, using 2” x 1” batons, with 9 mm ply off cuts providing cross support for legs. Also required were 12 Pattern Makers Dowels, bolts to hold boards together, screws, nails and glue.

the Track:
The track I plan to use will be SMP track (75 code) with Peco points.
There is the possibility that points will be hand built. Not ever built a point in my life before therefore more research and study of tools and materials.

Peco Code 75 Rail

It is suggested that designing and building your own points will allow a smoother feel to the layout, also rolling stock will travel easier over these individual designed points. Only when I start to lay track that the decision will be made for ‘off the shelf’ or ‘hand made’.

Peco Code 75 Point


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A Model Railway Layout in 00 Gauge
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