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Scottish Railways
Booklet 1st Edition 1975
Wemyss Private Railway, Austerity No. 16, Front Cover.


Scottish Railways WPR no 16 at Lochty

Wemyss Private Railway, Austerity No. 16 highlighted on front cover of the booklet published by the Scottish Railways.
(No article, image only, front cover.)

Front Cover (text):

On the Lochty Private Railway. Image from the Fife Railway Preservation Group.

Lochty Private Railway, Nr, Cupar Fife
A private railway open to the public June - September. Runs two miles on single track from Lochty to Knightsward (journey takes seven minutes). Worked by WD 0-6-0 or Pecket Tank. Owner J. B Cameron. On his farm the tack bed of the 1898 East Fife ran for its last 3/4 mile.

This booklet is now out of print but may still be found on specialist web sites.

Note: The Fife Railway Preservation Group became the Kingdom of Fife Railway Preservation Group.

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