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Scottish Colliery Pugs in the Seventies
by Bill Roberton

The last decade of steam in the Scottish Coalfields


Scottish Colliery Pugs in the Seventies

48 Pages

Photos / illustrations: 70

Author: Bill Roberton

Published by Arc Photography. 23/25 High Street. Aberdour. Fife KY3 0SH

Publication date: 1992

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0 9520168 0 X

Book Dimensions: 21.4 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm

RRP: 4.95

Copies of the above booklet were available by contacting:
The Kingdom of Fife Railway Preservation Society through their website.

Scottish Colliery Pugs WPR No 15 Muirs Scrap Yard


I have never penned an introduction before and am honoured to have been asked.

Because Bill Roberton is of more tender years than I, he commenced industrial photography in 1971, whereas I stole a march on him, beginning in earnest around 1966, when Scottish Mainline steam activity was already at a low ebb.

Generally speaking there have not been many recent pictorial books by Scottish enthusiasts and this is therefore a welcome addition. The idea for this book has been in Bill’s mind for some years. Its final execution, however, has been accomplished quickly in 1992.

Bill is by profession an industrail and commercial photographer, but his enduring love for, and interest in, industrial steam engines - or ‘pugs’ in Scottish parlance - have made them his hobby for many years.

Bill backed by his commitment to ‘pugs’ by being instrumental in having two, or arguably three, preserved today on the Strathspey Railway. Indeed his pioneering effort in 1979 to commence restoration of a large Barclay saddle tank, NCB Lothians Area No. 20 (Andrew Barclay No. 1833 of 1924) in a secure shed in Leith, Edinburgh was indicative of his strength of purpose.

Support for preservation has seen Bill work on behalf of the Strathspey Railway in the 1970’s and 80’s, and, more recently, lend his active support to the drive to establish a new steam railway in the Kingdom of Fife, where he lives with Esther, his wife.

Whilst we were scanning the portfolio of prints for this book, Bill made the point that all except two of the engines depicted survive to this day in preservation - what a marvelous feat.

Hamish Stevenson. Edinburgh. Oct. 1992.

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