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Railway Bylines
June 1998 - Volume 3: Issue 4
The Railways of Wemyss


Railway Bylines June 1998 - The Railways of Wemyss

The Railways of Wemyss

Page 141 - Editorial page.
Image of WPR No. 182, plus text in editorial.

Page 142 - 153

Article consists of 12 pages, with 13 black and white images, 1 illustration and 3 tables, all with supporting text.

Text from Editorial Page:
Andrew Munro’s article deals with the Wemyss Private Railway and NCB lines in East Fife, it benefits from his personal knowledge of the area - he was brought up there, as a youngster he used to cadge rides on the locomotives...

Magazine out of print but still available from specialist ‘out of print’ magazine web sites, see below.

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page 141: WPR No. 182 at East Wemyss on 19 April 1968. Photo by WAC Smith.
(Editorial Page).

page 142: NCB Austerity 0-6-0ST No. 13 banks a heavy train towards Scotts Road.

page 143: Illustration - Line drawn map of the Wemyss area showing pits and rail connections.

page 144: Table one - List of coal mines as given in the Colliery Year Book 1948.

WPR No. 19 an Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T of 1939 and three wagons stand on one of the ‘shop roads’, wagon works and No. 20 rests inside the engine shed.

page 145: Andrew Barclay No. 18 taking water at Scotts Road.

Lochhead Colliery August 1968.

page 146: NCB Barclay 0-6-0T No. 10 and Hunslet-built Austerity No. 18 stand amid piles of ashes in the loco sidings at Wellesley.

page 147: WPR No. 15 passes through Wemyss Den on its way to Methil.

page 148: Wemyss locomotive which passed to the NCB in 1947 was Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T No. 9 at Michael Colliery.

NCB Austerity No. 19 passing Michael Colliery.

page 149: Barclay 0-4-0ST’s at the Michael Colliery.

WPR No. 18 passes through Denbeath, passing the site of the brickworks with a train of empties from Methil to East Wemyss yard.

page 150: Table Two - Locomotives of the Wemyss Coal Company and the Wemyss Private Railway.

page 151: Table Three - NCB locomotives used in East Fife 1947 - 1972.

WPR No. 18 stands at Denbeath Junction waiting to be given the road to Methil Docks. On the right Austerity No. 16 is bringing in coal from the washer.

page 152: WPR No. 18 receoves a close inspection between the frames. NCB No. 15 iis on the right.

page 153: Giesl-fitted Barclay 0-6-0T No. 8 stands at Wellesley Yard on 10 April 1968.

Railway Bylines June 1998 Editorial Page  - WPR No. 182

Railway Bylines 1998 The Railways of Wemyss  by Andrew Munro

Railway Bylines June 1998 Engine Shed Wagon Works

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