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This page, highlights engines and wagons (‘00’ gauge), that have been produced
by the major manufacturers for the Wemyss Private Railway but also, other
Private Owner wagons from the surrounding Fife area.


September 2016
DJ Models in partnership with Hatton’s Liverpool have produced a series of Austerity locos in 00 Gauge.

This is an excellent detailed and finished loco in the Wemyss livery.

More images on our Facebook Page, more details to follow.


WPR No 15 Austerity by DJ Models in partnership wth Hattons


DJ Model’s WPR No 15 Austerity in partnership with Hatton’s

May 2015
DJ Models and Hatton’s design new Austerity including WPR No. 15.

Due for release May/June 2015.

Further details on our Facebook Page.


Hattons DJ Models Austerity Range WPR No 15a x500


DJ Models Austerity - Prototype in Hatton’s Liverpool

May 2015
DJ Models and Hatton’s produce new detailed set of Austerities.

This is a representation of WPR No. 15.

More details and links on our Facebook Page.

DJ Models (Dave Jones) J9410 Austerity 0-6-0ST No 15 in Wemyss


DJ Models / Hatton’s Liverpool - WPR No. 15 Austerity

 Video > > >

RMWeb forum for updates and discussion on DJ Models OO gauge J94 Austerity Tank locomotive can be found at the following link:



DJ Models Austerity J94 Pre-Production model test running with wagons and coach loads, at
Hatton’s Shop in Liverpool.

Hornby produced a representation of the Austerity J94 of WPR No. 16 in ‘00’ gauge, that was owned by the Wemyss Private Railway.

It is a very nice model and  attracted quite a bit of attention on its release and soon sold out.

Unfortunately Hornby used the original Dapol molds and therefore replicated a number of inaccuracies on this model. These will be highlighted at a later time.

Hornby WPR No 16 Production Model1


Hornby R2740 WPR No. 16  0-6-0 Class J94 Austerity

The original publicity material for this engine, produced by Hornby, showed a black J94 numbered, WPR No. 18.

This was a pre-production model.

Luckily Hornby updated the production model to show,  WPR No. 16 in brown and minus the bunker steps.

Hornby WPR No. 18 Black Pre-production


Close up of pre-production mock up of engine to show the lettering and number.

Hornby’s original text:

‘Hornby R2740 00 Gauge PO WPR 0-6-0ST No 16 Steam Locomotive.’

Unfortunately Hornby sent out publicity material with image of the black version of the engine but the correct text. This did and has caused quite a bit of confusion for modellers.

Hornby WPR No. 18 Black Pre-Production



DJ Models
Austerity in 00 Gauge

This new ready to run model is under production and will be released shortly.

These will be DCC ready.

Using state of the art technology to produce highly detailed models.

Date: October 2013

dj Models Austerity


More information at:  www.djmodels.co.uk


Andrew Barclay Tank 0-6-0T
off the shelf model
in ‘00’ Gauge

As far as I aware none have ever been build by any manufacturer.



Harburn Hobbies Edinburgh, produced a pair of these  Wemyss mineral wagons, in ‘00’ Gauge.

I have spoken to a number of people and have not been able to find any reference to the WPR having a gray wagon.

Gray wagons were produced normally by the manufacturer for photographic purposes.

Harburn Hobbies Pair of Wemyss Wagon in 00 Gauge
Hornby R6326A Wagon No. 2866
Hornby R6327B Wagon No. 2867

Hornby R6047
Wemyss Wagon
7 Plank - ‘00’ Gauge

Running No. 1997

Once again produced in gray.
(note comments above).

Wemyss 7 Plank Wagon by Hornby  in 00 Gauge

Hornby R6047 - Wagon No. 1997


Bachmann Collectors Club Wemyss Wagon  00 Gauge

Wemyss Coal Co. 8 Plank Wagon No. 2866
Methil Collectors Club - ‘00’ Gauge - Released 2011/2012 - 504 Certified Pieces
Bachmann Collectors Club ‘00’ Scale Products


Bachmann Collectors Club Lochgelly Wagon 00 Gauge

Lochgelly 5 Plank Wagon No. 1898
‘00’ Gauge - Released 2009/2010 (sold out) 504 Certified Pieces
Bachmann Collectors Club Past Products


Bachmann Collectors Club Earle of Rosslyn Collieries in 00 Gauge

Earl of Rosslyn’s Collieries - 7 Plank Wagon


Bachmann Collectors Club Gaurd Bridge in 00 Gauge

This wagon came up recently on e-bay and the seller, Roger Pannell, very kindly took this close up image of the Guard Bridge Paper Co. Wagon.

Thanks Roger for a great photo which shows the detail of the wagon very well.

This wagon has now sold out from the Bachmann Collectors Club.

Guard bridge paper mill 02 x450

Guard Bridge Paper Co. Limited - 7 Plank Wagon


Bachmann Collectors Club Smith Anderson Leslie in 00 Gauge

Smith Anderson & Co. Ltd Leslie - 7 Plank Wagon


Scottish 7 plank wagon
The Fife Coal Company Ltd. Leven. (750 certified pieces)

Bachmann Collectors Club 2006-2007 37-075K1  in 00 Gauge


Bachmann 37-075K1 Fife Coal Co. Wagon No. 1655
‘00’ Gauge - Released 2006/2007 (sold out)
Bachmann Collectors Club Past Products


Hornby R003
7 Plank Open Wagon
Fife Coal Company Ltd. Leven
‘00’ Gauge.
End Tipping wagon.

Fife Coal Co Ltd by Hornby in 00 Gauge

Harborn Hobbies Edinburgh
Special Edition pair of wagons Fife Coal Co. Ltd.
Aitken, Kelty
5 Plank - ‘00’ Gauge.

Harburn Hobbies Pair of Fife Coal Co Ltd 5 Plank Wagon in 00 Gauge


Hornby R6326A Wagon No. 3224
Hornby R6327B Wagon No. 3225

Dapol Limited
SGD (Scottish Grain Distillers) Windygates. Fife
Wagon No. 18
‘00’ Gauge
(made in Wales)

Dapol SGD Grain Wagon Windygates in 00 Gauge

Balgonie, Fife
7 plank wagon No. 226
‘00’ Gauge

Balgonie Fife 00 Gauge 7 Plank Wagon

Lochgelly, Fife
7 Plank Wagon No. 589

WCS Off-Shelf Models -  Lochgelly 7 Plank Wagon


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