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N Gauge Journal
January/February 2013
Industrial Modelling


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Victor Hall offers something British, but not British Railways.

I have been interested in industrial railways for a long time and have often thought that a small industrial site would make an interesting feature on a layout, something that is now becoming common in the larger scales.

Andrew Barclay 18in Side Tank
The Wemyss Private Railway was situated in Scotland, in the Kingdom of Fife and transported coal to Methil Docks from a number of collieries in the area.

 When the mines were nationalised the railway remained independent, closing in 1970, Between 1934 and 1939, Andrew Barclay supplied five side tanks to this design, which sported an attractive milk chocolate livery.

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N Gauge Journal Industrial Railways 03 x650
N Gauge Journal Industrial Railways 04 x650

Above right: The last of the Wemyss Private Railway’s fleet of Barclay side tanks is
No. 20, seen resting between duties in August 1965. It was built in 1939, works no. 2068 and has since been preserved.

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A Model Railway Layout in 00 Gauge
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