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Model Town - TV Programme

Model Town
Discovery Shed (Sky 242)
Daily 14.00 and 14.30

Two episodes daily
from Monday 2 April 2012

Simon Farmer Presenter Model Town

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Model Town Brian Taylor Expert Modeller


Brian Taylor (above) Expert Modeller




Episode 1


Simon Farmer (presenter) sets the scene for this series.

He explains how the layout (Farmerton) will be approx 400 square  feet, 40’ x 10’ and will be build in a shed, at Sheffield Park, on the Bluebell Railway.

Introduction to Brian Taylor (expert modeller).

Model Town the Base Boards Top

Shows the baseboard, already built and explains what the content of the layout will be by use of design drawings.

Model Town Design Drawing

Model Town Design Drawing

Simon also covers building a thatched cottage.

He visits the UK’s largest model railway exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham, the Warley Exhibition. Modellers are interviewed to gain background information about their model railway layouts.
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A Model Railway Layout in 00 Gauge
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