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Fife Portrait of a County
1910 - 1950

Looking at old photographs is a sophisticated form of ‘human-watching’. They may or may not show everything that photographer and subject wished to be shown, but they always show something else as well, only to be seen by the observer who looks at them from the vantage point of a later age. Each of the admirable photographs contained in this book excites historical curiosity and provokes questions about the lives, feelings and attitudes of the people portrayed.


Fife Portrait of a County 1910 - 1950

Hardback: 120 Pages

Photos / illustrations: A number of black and white images with descriptive text.

Authors: R. Lamont-Brown, Peter Adamson

Alvie Publications. St. Andrews

Publication date: 1982

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0 9506200 4 1

RRP: Out of print


Fife County Wemyss Methil Cocks



Page 9

Introducing Fife 1910-1950

Page 19

Down to the Sea in Ships

Page 27

Wold War I: 1914-1918

Page 33

Social Unrest

Page 37

People, Places, Facts and Faces

Page 48

Fife Faces

Page 49

University of St. Andrews

Page 54

Sons of the Soil

Page 58

St. Leonards School

Page 60

Fisherfolk and Fisherways

Page 65

Golf Memories

Page 68

Who was the Biggest Comedian?

Page 73

Vehicles Great and Small

Page 87

One Day This Happened . . .

Page 99

Some Royal Visits to Fife

Page 103

A Society Wedding

Page 104

World War II: 1939-1945

Page 118

Andrew Carnegie

Fife County Fisherman
Fife County Macduff Castle
Fife County Steam Power
Fife County Methil Docks
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