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British Steam Railways DVD
The J94 Austerities

British Steam Railways - The J94 Austerities

British Steam Railways presents a unique opportunity to stroll through the hall of fame of Britain’s steam locomotives. From unseen footage shot by enthusiasts to rare archive documentaries, each DVD includes films, clips and still about the men and machines of the steam age.

Saddletank Supremacy:
Hunslet feisty 0-6-0 Sandletank soon became one of the most numerous industrial engines in Britain. This film uses archive and modern footage to tell the story of these Saddletank workhorses, as they forged their careers through both war and peace.

* Great footage of these engines at work mainly in industrial settings. For the modeller or steam enthusiast lots of great footage.

On Track for The C&HPR:
The Cromford and High Peak Railway (C&HPR) proved to be one of the toughest challenges on British rails with its wheel spinning inclunes and frame-bending curves. This film, made by the Railway Roundabout team in 1960, recalls the railway as its days became inevitably numbered.

* Also an interesting look at this railway after its closure and how the track bed has been turned into a walk for enthusiasts. Apart from being able to walk the route of this railway, there are many of the buildings and fixtures preserved for viewing. This part of the DVD is mainly made up of still images.

Steam in Focus:
Raiway photography is enjoyed by both professionals and amateurs alike. In this film, Bob Green, a railway photographer for many years, reveals how the fascination of steam locomotion can be captured and preserved for many years to come.

* Bob shows some of his images and explains a little about the taking of the image. He also shares his knowledge of best time of day to take photographs etc.,


Title: British Steam Railways

Volume one: The J94 Austerities


Format: PAL

Language: English

Region: Region 2

Number of Discs: 1

Run time:  40 minutes

Classification: E - Exempted

Studio: DeAgostini Planet Three

DVD Release Date: 2006




Price: Cover CD with magazine




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